Thursday, 28 August 2014

Find great new apps and get tips for the ones you own with our brand new app pages

 We're always working on new ways to make your experience of Android even better, and that
 goes for the AndroidPIT website too. We work hard every day to bring you the best app
 recommendations, hardware reviews and Android news, and today we're launching the alpha
 version of our new app overview portal. Our new app pages let you see, at a glance, all
 of the best Android apps available, and you can submit reviews, ask questions and become
 an app expert by sharing advice. 

 With the app overview pages, we wanted to create a new and user-friendly format for finding great new apps in a visually appealing way, that would also serve as a micro-forum for each particular app. Have a specific question about an app? Simply bring up the app profile and find your answer there. No answer to your question? Post it and get a response from one of our app experts or community members. The more you use them the more you learn. Answers can be rated by the community, so the best answer will always appear at the top. This is how app experts are made.
  All features at a glance:
  • Individual apps can be rated with a simple thumbs up / thumbs down: would you recommend it or not? The app review meter gives a very clear indicator of what the community thinks of an app and is much more transparent than the Google Play Store.
  • Detailed information on the individual apps (images, description, permissions, etc.).
  • App questions forum: for quick help with app problems

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