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HTML Tag - Forms

This tag is used to create a HTML form for user input.
This tag specifies an input field where the user can enter data.
This tag defines a multi-line input control.
This tag is used to create a drop-down list.
This tag defines a option in a select list.
This tag is used to group related options in a drop-down list.

This tag defines a clickable button.

This tag defines a label for an input element.

This tag is used to group related elements in a form.

This tag defines a caption foe the <fieldset> element.
<html> <body> First name:
Last name:

Fill these details and submit it it.....!!!!!!!!!!!
Personal Details: User Name:
Date of birth:
ABCPQRXYZSRTSubmit it! </body> </html>

HTML Tag - Tables

This defines the HTML table.This tag has elements like <tr>,<th>,<td>.
This defines a row in the HTML table.
This defines a cell in the HTML table.
This tag is used to group the body content in a HTML table.
This tag is used to group header in an HTML table
This tag is used to group footer content in an HTML table.
This tag specifies properties for each column within a <colgroup> element.
This tag specifies a group of one or more columns in a table for formatting
This tag defines a table caption.
<html> <body> 12Sum$180DayEventsMondayconferenceWednesdaymeeting </body> </html>

HTML Tag - Lists

This defines the unordered list.
This defines the ordered list.
This defines the lst items.
This defines the description list.
This defines the name or item in description list.
This defines a term or name in a description list.
<html> <head> <body> angelmarkcodingpalygroundangelmarkcodingpalygroundAndroideasy to learnhtmlhyper textmarkup language </body> </head> </html>

HTML Tag - Images and Objects

This defines an image in a HTML page.They require attributes:src and alt.
This defines an area inside an image-map.Image-map is an image with clickable areas.This is always nested inside a <map> tag.
This is used to define a client-side image-map.
This is used to define a parameters for plugins embedded with an 
<object> element.
This is used to define an embedded object within an HTML document.Use this element to embed multimedia (like audio,video,pdf etc..)in your web pages. <html> <body> </body> </html>

HTML Tags - Links

This defines a hyperlink,which is used to link from one page to another.The most important attribute of the <a>element is the href attribute,which indicates the link's destination.

The <base> tag specifies the base URL/target for all relative URLs in a document.

<html> <head> <body> Visit angel mark for more codes </body> </head> </html> <html> <head> <base href="" > </head> <body> blog </body> </html>

HTML Tags - Text

This defines a paragraph.
These are used to define html headings.<h1> defines the most important heading and <h6> defines the least important heading.
This defines the most important text.
This defines a emphasized text or italic text.
This defines an abbreviation or an acronym.
This defines an acronym.
This defines the contact information of the document.Mostly they produce italic text with line breaks.
This means bi-directional override.It is used to override the current text direction.
This defines a section that is quoted from another source.
This defines the title of a work.
This defines a short quotation.
This is a phrase tag which defines a piece of computer code.
This tag defines a text that has been inserted into a document.
This is a phrase tag which defines a definition term.
This tag …

HTML Tag - Meta Information

This is the first thing to be included in a html document,before <html> tag.Actually, this is not a html tag,it is simply given to expain to the web browser which version of html is being used.

This defines the relationship between a document and an external resource.Mostly used to link with style sheets.

This tag is required in all html documents and it defines the title of the document.
The <title> element:defines a title in the browser toolbarprovides a title for the page when it is added to favorites displays a title for the page in search-engine results <style>
This tag is used to define style information for a html document.

It is a data about data.This will not be displayed on the page.
Mainly used to specify page description,keywords,author of the document,last modified, nd other metadata.

HTM Tag - Structure

The <html> tag tells the browser that this is an HTML document.It represents the root of an HTML document.This tag is the container for all other HTML elements.

The <head> tag is a container for all the head elements.The <head> element must include a title for the document, and can include scripts, styles, meta information, and more.

The <body> tag defines the document's body.The <body> element contains all the contents of an HTML document, such as text, hyperlinks, images, tables, lists, etc.

The <div> tag defines a division or a section in an HTML document.The <div> tag is used to group block-elements to format them with CSS.

The <span> tag is used to group inline-elements in a document.They provides a way to add a hook to a part of a text or a part of a document. <html> <hea…

HTML Basics

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the set ofmarkupsymbols or codes inserted in a file intended for display on a World Wide Webbrowserpage. The markup tells the Web browser how to display a Web page's words and images for the user. Each individual markup code is referred to as an element or called a tag . Some simple things to remember The text between <html> and </html> describes the web pageThe text between <body> and </body> is the visible page content

HTML is a language for describing web pages.HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup LanguageHTML is a markup languageA markup language is a set of markup tagsThe tags describe document content HTML documents contain HTML tags and plain textHTML documents are also called web pages

HTML markup tags are usually called HTML tagsHTML tags are keywords (tag names) surrounded by angle brackets like <html>HTML tags normally come in pairs like <b> and </b>The first tag in a pair is the start tag, th…

Function in Corona

Using functions are very eazy in Lua.We can provide arguments as input (within the parentheses), the function performs some tasks, and the results can be returned.
Some ways to define functions are:
local function f () --body end local f = function() --body end function f () --body end f = function () --body end

Conventions In Corona

Names or Identifiers in Lua can be any string of letters, digits, and underscores, not beginning with a digit. The following keywords are reserved and cannot be used as names:           and     break        do          else     elseif      end        false
          for      function      if             in         local       nil          not
          or       repeat        return     then     true        until        while
The following strings denote other tokens: 
            +        -         *          /         %         ^        #
           ==      ~=       <=      >=       <          >       =
           (           )        {           }         [           ]
            ;           :        ,           .         ..          ...
Lua is a case-sensitive language.
Global variables:
Identifiers starting with an underscore followed by uppercase letters (such as _Global) are reserved for internal global variables used by Lua. 
A comment starts with a double hyphen…

Introduction to Lua

Lua is an extension programming language designed to support general procedural programming with data description facilities. Lua is intended to be used as a powerful, lightweight scripting language for any program that needs one.
Program in Corona with a programming called Lua, which is a lightweight and easy to use scripting language.
Lua is simple and eazy to learn.

see more topics here: 
Conventions In Lua

Installing Corona SDK - a reference

Corona SDK on Windows only supports device builds for Android devices. Corona SDK on Mac OS X supports both iOS and Android development.

You can download  corona from here corona After downloading, double-click the .msi installer file and follow the steps in Corona's installation wizard.
Activating the SDK:  In order to use the Corona SDK, you must be connected to the Internet and perform a simple one-time authorization process.

Open the Corona Simulator from the folder where you installed it. The first time you launch, you will be presented with a License Agreement (EULA). Read the license terms and clickAgree. If you've already registered for a Corona account, simply enter your account e-mail and password to activate the SDK. Otherwise, click Register to create an account.
Corona Developer Login Upon successful login, you will receive a confirmation dialog. You're ready to get started!
Login Successful
In order to build for Android or ios you may need Android sdk or…

What is Corona?

Corona is cross platform game engine that supports Android and iOS. It’s developed by a company named Ansca, and you can use a free trial to try out Corona and develop your game. When you are ready to publish you are required to buy a license, prices range from $199 to $349.

You program in Corona with a programming called Lua, which is a lightweight and easy to use scripting language. There is no IDE for Corona (such as Xcode), instead you often program with a normal text editor. Corona comes with a simulator you can use to test your game as you’re coding it.

Corona has built-in APIs for the normal game programming aspects (sprites, sounds, etc.) as well as various APIs from the Apple including Game Center Leaderboards (new), In App Purchase, and TableViews (new).
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Intex launches Android phones Cloud X4, Cloud Y2 at Rs 4,590, Rs 6,190

Intex announced the launch of two new entry-level 3G smartphones under its Cloud range - Cloud X4 and Cloud Y2. Running on the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS, the Cloud X4 has a 3.5-inch screen, while the Cloud Y2 has a 4-inch screen. The former is equipped with a 1 GHz processor, while the latter is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. Both are dual SIM phones.

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